Congrats on your closing

Congratulations on the purchase of your home in Austin! It has been WONDERFUL working with you and we appreciate your trust in us as your partners! Below are a few important items for you. We encourage you to bookmark this page!

Realtor Reviews

Our business is based solely on word-of-mouth. When you have a free moment, it would be wonderful if you could fill out a 5-star review about your work with us on Google (Adam Timothy Group) and Zillow (Timothy, Adam). We would be greatly appreciative if you would copy and paste your review on all websites. Zillow and Google are most critical and help us the most.

Post Closing Reminders

Property Taxes and Homestead Exemption

A residence homestead exemption removes a portion of or the total amount of a property’s value from taxation for property tax purposes. It can also reduce the possibility of large increases due to caps for homesteaders. And with the new legislation just passed, it will get better. Also, we have a blog post with information on protesting your property taxes. You can view it here.

Check these sites for more info:

Mortgage, Taxes, and Insurance (Your Bill)

Mortgage and Taxes: Please contact your lender if you have not received information on how to make payments toward your mortgage within the next month. Your first payment is likely due about 30-45 days after close. And, regardless of whether you receive formal instructions, you will need to have it paid on time to avoid late fees.  Your lender can also help you understand any issues with escrow, property taxes, and insurance payments.

Insurance: Since you were financed, insurance would have been required before the home was able to be funded. Cash buyers must be sure they are insured effective as soon as they are owners of the home.   Homeowners insurance protects you financially if your home or property is damaged or destroyed by something your policy covers, like a fire or storm.  If the home will be vacant much of the time, this is even more important as the homeowner could be liable for anything that happens to others while on the property. 

To learn more about home insurance, check out this Home insurance guide from Texas Department of Insurance. While at it, check out information on how to find and shut off your water valve.

Spam and Fraud Prevention

Now that you own a home, everyone will want to connect with you and sell you stuff. You do not need anyone to file homestead for you, sign you up for utilities, or get a warranty. And noone will ask you to transfer payments via venmo, zelle, etc. We suggest you consider these three recommendations: 1) Do a personal privacy scan to see what information is searchable online. 2) Freeze all three credit reportsExperian Security Freeze Center TransUnion Credit Freeze Equifax Credit Freeze Use the website to opt out of the prescreening process that companies use to send you offers for items like credit cards, mortgage refinancing and insurance.

Closings that Care

For each closing, we donate to an Austin based charity. We typically donate to one of these so please let me know which cause is close to your heart: Austin Pets Alive, Caritas of Austin, Out Youth, and Central Texas Food Bank. Or let us know if you have another favorite.


A referral is the highest compliment so please don’t hesitate to give our names to your friends and family or connect us with them directly, even if they are not looking to sell or buy immediately. 

Feel free to share either image below or cut and paste this text into a message if easier:

Sounds like you need a good partner to help you think through next steps in your home journey. You should reach out to the team that helped us find our dream home, Adam Stanley and Timothy Powles at Or call Timothy at 773-556-5018 or Adam at 646-265-8324.

Navigating Austin

We maintain a vendor guide with contact information for vendors across various aspects of your home ownership journey; plumbers, electricians, gutter specialists, landscaping and more. 

We maintain a restaurant guide as well.   Always risky to do this, but consider this your list of Adam and Timothy’s personal recommendations. You will find good food somewhere on this page for sure. If you don’t like ANY of them, you likely have no soul. Or perhaps just no tastebuds. Ha! But let us know if you think we need to try something else.

We don’t just buy and sell homes. We build community by helping clients find their place in the world.

Timothy Powles and Adam Stanley work together on the Adam Timothy Group at Compass RA and manage AT Real Estate Group LLC, a rental and vacation property investment business. We are about building community. We believe a real estate transaction is an important and extremely significant event but relationships last a lifetime. Our clients, partners, and friends trust us to get to know their story and what is most important to them.  And we work tirelessly to retain that trust.



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