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Whether you are looking to make a move to a new city or have a friend looking for an agent in their neighborhood, let us connect you to the expert you need on your team. Please DO NOT simply use a random internet search, Redfin or Zillow.

We will work across the Realty Austin, Realty San Antonio and Leading Real Estate Companies of the World network, and beyond. We will vet agents with deal history, working style and support, and personal fit. We will even provide you the opportunity to interview 2-3 preselected agents to help you make your final selection.

Don't go it alone!

Whether buying, renting, leasing or selling, you need an expert that can help you navigate the complex market of real estate in Austin and beyond, including international markets.With Realty Austin the #1 independent brokerage in Austin, and Leading RE with over 136,000 agents around the world, Adam and Timothy can help you be assured that your agent is the one to trust.

Timothy Powles and Adam Stanley work together on the Adam Timothy Group at Realty Austin and manage AT Real Estate Group LLC. We are about building communities. We believe a real estate transaction is an important and extremely significant event but relationships last a lifetime. Our clients trust us to get to know their story and what is most important to them. And we work tirelessly to retain that trust.

Timothy Powles is a real estate agent in Austin. Adam Stanley is a real estate agent in Austin. 

Timothy Powles sells homes and represents home buyers and home sellers. 

Adam Stanley sells homes and represents home buyers and home sellers.

You can also find Adam Stanley at

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Austin homes are not out of reach and can be affordable. Reach out to Adam Stanley and Timothy Powles to start your home buying or home selling journey today.